In the future, marijuana packages will come with a warning note. The label will say that pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding are in potential danger if they use marijuana. Two bills related to this warning note have been introduced this year. State representatives Thomas Albert and Daire Rendon were the ones who pushed it in the State House.

Albert said that he didn’t believe that warning labels would persuade women not to use marijuana, but he thinks that it could change the public’s opinion. He added that with the increase in usage of marijuana, people had stopped thinking about the bad sides of it. Also, he pointed out that they needed to make more efforts in order to protect unborn babies and newborn babies as well.

Representative David LaGrand gave a standing ovation to Albert and Rendon because they were willing to deal with this issue. LaGrand declared that because they put the word “medical” before marijuana, people began thinking that it was good for them.

A doctor in Dearborn, Federico Mariona, he supported the bill. In addition, he said that many patients came to him and said they got marijuana products to deal with their morning sickness. He asserted that there wasn’t a precise dose of marijuana products that was prescribed, and that can possibly harm patients.

The Center for Disease Control, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise women who are expecting not to use marijuana products, but that applies to women who are breastfeeding as well.

The CDC declared that chemicals that are found in cannabis, including THC, could be passed to children by breastfeeding. They also pointed out that there were not many studies about the effect of marijuana exposure through breastfeeding, so to be safe, they advise breastfeeding mothers not to use it for the time being.

The Michigan Cannabis Industry Association was neutral towards the introduced bill, but the Executive Director Robin Schneider did say that they were for the use of warning labels.

Just like in Colorado and California where cannabis is legal for medical and personal use, they use labels to warn pregnant women not to use it. Schneider says that if they start putting labels on marijuana packages, they shouldn’t cover the whole package with labels since the industry won’t be happy if the packages are full of labels.

On cannabis products in Michigan, there must be a visible symbol that says the product contains THC, it should have a barcode, and most importantly it must be out of reach of minors.

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