Finally, Tlaib was allowed to visit Israeli-occupied West Bank for humanitarian reasons — to visit her grandmother.

But she decided against it because of the racist conduct of Israel Government that many Americans of Palestinian origin undergo when they try to visit, she said.

Tlaib further declared that Israel Government took advantage of her love and longing to see her grandmother and conditioned it with complying to their corrupt policies.

She shared her thoughts about how undemocratic they were. In her opinion, they are afraid that her trip would shed light on the truth about the circumstances in the State of Israel.

Tlaib thinks that they are also frightened that it would reveal what is going on with Palestinians under occupation with the U.S. support.

On Thursday, she and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar were banned from accessing the country because they support Palestinians’ boycott movement.

That decision came from Israel after President Trump posted on Twitter. He stated that these two congresswomen were a disgrace. The president accused them of eternal hate towards Israel and all Jewish nation. He added that Israel would show weakness if it granted them a visit.

Arrangements for representatives and some of their colleagues were made when they received the news about the ban. This journey for Tlaib was simultaneously personal. Her 90-year-old grandmother resides in the West Bank.

Tlaib emphasized in her letter of request that this would probably be the last opportunity to see her grandmother.

On Friday, Aryeh Deri, interior minister of Israel, released the latest oddity — Tlaib could visit the West Bank on humanitarian grounds to visit her relatives.

On Friday morning, she decided against that visit for the time being. If she visited her grandmother under these oppressive circumstances, it would be against her convictions against injustice, oppression, and racism, she proclaimed.

Furthermore, she said that silencing her and dealing with her like she was a criminal was not what her grandmother wanted for her. That would cut a part of her.

Talib concluded that, after her election, Palestinians started to believe that they would finally be heard, and the truth about the cruel conditions would be exposed. She said that she wouldn’t allow using her love for her sity (grandmother) to make her kneel before their racist and oppressive protocol.

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