Republican Party logoBad news for Justin Amash as he will no longer receive financial support from the influential DeVos family. This Michigan congressman is the very first member of GOP who has voiced his opinion that President Donald Trump should be impeached. In light of this, a spokesman for the family made an announcement. He said that they did not have any plans to support the five-term Republican. As a matter of fact, they have not made any contribution during this political cycle.

What’s more, Nick Wasmiller added that their decision did not have anything to do with Amash’s recent statements. During an interview, Amash gave comments regarding Trump. But he did not stop there. Namely, he reflected on Mueller’s investigation, which sought to determine whether Russians had interfered in the election.

Also, Wasmiller explained that the family was more worried about his lack of representation. To be specific, they believe that Amash is not doing enough for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District. In addition, they were not happy because he was not able to move forward with his efforts relating to policy issues.

Just to remind you, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has cut back on her political spending ever since joining the Trump Administration.

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