One Michigan school is moving mountains in order to help its students. In other words, it has launched a $1 million technology project which aims to provide the students with skills they need in the field of robotics. The school we are referring to is Pinckney High School, which is a member of Pinckney Community Schools in the United States. This is a community located between Lansing and Detroit.

High Pinckney Community SchoolsWhat’s more, this school exhibited a computer-integrated manufacturing “work cell” recently, which includes a FANUC robot. This one has an integrated robot vision. Aside from this, the work cell has four ABB industrial robots. Besides, the workplace implements a conveyor system. In order to mimic an advanced work environment, it has four transfer and lift stations in total.

As for the work cell, this term denotes an area that has a controller, robot, and some other components. For instance, it might have the safety environment. Its purpose would be to accelerate and enhance the quality of certain production processes.

Furthermore, this is a vital piece of a program the aim of which is to deliver classes on network administration, automotive technology, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, manufacturing and welding, video game design, computer-aided design, robotics, and mechatronics. To be specific, it is a career and technical education program.

Mark Stein, the Industrial Technology instructor at school, stated that these courses were beneficial in that they made the students ready for life, college, and career. He also added that pupils could get college credit. And this was due to an agreement the school made with a number of universities and colleges. Apart from this, Stein said that CTE was useful as it could lead the students to high paying, great demand, and skilled jobs.

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