The time frame makes crèche teachers and emergency dispatchers wince, because this supermoon will light up the sky on Friday the 13th.

Superstitiously regarded as an ill-fated day, this Friday will be fortunate for all those stargazers who have been expecting in anticipation this September’s Harvest Moon.

Although it will look as full when it arises Friday night, the moon actually won’t technically be a true supermoon before the early hours on Saturday. It will appear full both on Saturday and Sunday nights.

What is so special about this timing? According to Newsweek, if you miss the opportunity to see this phenomenon on Friday 13, you won’t have the same chance in the next 30 years.

The News Journal said that this quite unique astronomical spectacle is going to be visible throughout the United States on the evening of Friday 13. The last time it visited the sky above the states was on October 13, 2000. Moreover, the next occurrence will be on August 13, 2049.

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