Apparently, Pizza Hut dine-in restaurants are going to history. The company is preparing to make some structural changes.

Food Business News reported that more than 500 dine-in Pizza Hut objects in the U.S. will likely be shut down. The reason is rivalry with delivery and carryout services owned by other food chains.

David Gibbs, Yum! Brands COO, stated that these changes would finally revitalize Pizza Hut business in the U.S. and prepare it for faster long-term development.

Information found on the Yum! Brands website confirms that the company has 7,496 Pizza Hut objects in the U.S.

Gibbs said that, out of that number, 1,350 are express food units and 6,100 are classic restaurants.

According to Gibbs, the company cannot evaluate the exact time this change will happen. But it will try to minimize the gaps between closing the old units and opening the new ones instead.

After a transition to quick delivery, the number of locations is anticipated to decrease to 7,000 in the next couple of years, says Gibbs.

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