Altimetrik Corporation is a company located in Southfield. They recently opened up an office in Detroit and started giving advice to startups. More precisely, they have started working on the 10th of June, but a bigger opening is scheduled for June 27.

Their offices are in the Wright Kay Building on Woodward Ave. It has an amazing 3,000 square feet of workspace.

Altimetrik stated that their specialists would be positioned at the workspace to advise companies who seek help with their inventions; also, engineers will work side by side with those companies on their ideas. This building is going to host meetings, hack days, and panels, with the purpose of helping other enterprises and programmers reach their next level of growth.

Manager of Altimetrik, Abhinav Vattikuti, said that they intentionally chose Detroit for their first Collider because of the enormous potential in the area. He added that his main goal was to create a space that would be interesting for the local community of programmers. What’s more, he plans to unite the various communities of techs and entrepreneurs in Detroit.

The company’s officials declared that they intend to open more Colliders in the USA, South Asia, and South America. In addition, Vattikuti said that Altimetrik staff would consist of Southfield employees and newly hired people in Detroit — they plan on having 20–30 staff members every week. Their objective is to have 50–300 visitors weekly.

This corporation has spent between $100,000 and $150,000 on refurbishing their space. The mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, and Altimetrik’s affiliates in Detroit are expected to give a speech at the grand opening the following week alongside Altimetrik’s executive team.

Altimetrik can help customers with healthcare, automotive, banking, and financial services; more specifically, helping them use advanced technologies more efficiently.

Apart from their home base, which is located in Southfield, they also have branches in Singapore, the UAE, and Uruguay.

On their website, they presented a digital technique called Playground, which is created to visualize, prototype, and provide ideas with speed and agility. It can incorporate a variety of elements into an existing platform to simplify daily operations, help employees learn new things, and so on.

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