Eight hunters from the southeast area of Michigan are accused of alleged smuggling Canada’s birds. In the 2018 hunting period, they supposedly poached Canada mallard ducks and geese.

After that accusation, a New Baltimore Court issues an order that each man had to pay a $2,312.50, that is, all summed up, $18,500. The sum represents, in whole, penalties for unlawful birds harvesting, court costs, and for species protection.

Their names are as follows:

  • Ronald Perreman, 55 years old, Clinton Township
  • Giovanni Salvatore, 54 years old, Oakland
  • Mark Soulliere, 55 years old, Chesterfield
  • Jeffrey Soulliere, 58 years old, Harrison Township
  • Michael Soulliere, 22 years old, Clair Shores
  • Geoffrey Regulski, 58 years old, Roseville
  • Joseph Fettue, 60 years old, Chesterfield
  • Ryan Stateler, 24 years old, Roseville

They all pleaded guilty in the matter and admitted their conducts were illegal because of caching geese over allowed limits and not retrieving shot game.

In Michigan, one’s bag is restricted to three geese. Knowing that they captured 33 birds in total, they have exceeded their allowed amount by nine birds.

The Department of Natural Resources of Michigan received a report from an anonymous person. That tipster reported possible poaching case in 2018 and protested about a large amount of geese that had been ditched at a private pond in Chesterfield.

DNR officials stated that they were keeping under the surveillance the named pond. Eventually, they spotted some men shooting geese and apprehended them. Before being captured, the hunters even put some geese in a pickup truck and continued with their unlawful hunt.

Initially, no matter that DNR’s saw them, they were in denial. After a while, the men confessed that apart from 12 birds they had hidden in the pickup, they also assembled another 21 close to the hunting blind.

DNR Law Enforcement Division Chief, Gary Hagler, stated that this was a case of utmost importance, which required a lot of working hours in court. He complimented the anonymous tipster because good people like this could help DNR officers to preserve the game for fair hunters of Southeast Michigan.

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