The family gets some closure. Yet, they cannot be at peace because her death still hangs over their heads. They have their memories of Mia Patterson and her ashes. She didn’t deserve to depart in this manner, said her mother, Dawn Patterson. Like many others in similar circumstances, she wonders what kind of people are capable of doing this to her daughter.

The person or persons are still unknown as well as the motive behind the crime. Why and how did this 25-year-old girl die? The only fact that is established is that she disappeared on May 25 in 2017, after her boyfriend’s departure.

Her grandmother, Gwen Butler, is devastated; she cannot comprehend what has led to the murder and above all, who is responsible for the death of her sweet and kind granddaughter.

Two years passed before Mia’s body was discovered this June, at a location on the west side of Detroit in the Wort Street’s 14000 Block. These years of waiting and above all, not knowing, were a heavy burden for the Pattersons. Mia left behind a daughter Jasmine, nine years old, that cannot understand what has lead to all this. The family doesn’t have answers to Jasmine’s questions, which leave Butler speechless and in even greater pain. And Jasmine keeps on asking.

The Crime Stoppers are giving a $2,500 reward for any information that will lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible. If you have any information on how Mia has died, help and bring her case to closure by calling 1-8000-SPEAK UP.

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