An animal control officer from Ionia County said that a Persian cat was returned to the owners in Grand Rapids after three years of separation. According to the Ionia Sentinel-Standard, Violet’s fur was heavily coated in flies, fleas, and larvae when she was discovered on August 6 in Ionia.

The identification was successful due to the microchip implant. A vet discovered that she was registered as Violet and that she is ten years old. In spite of that, tracing down her owners took some time. They were 30 miles away, explained Carly Quinn, the Director of the Ionia County Animal Control.

The owner is Drew Potter. He embraced Violet in 2012 from the Humane Society. Yet, his contact info on the implanted chip wasn’t updated. So Quinn continued the search and located him on Facebook a few hours later. Quinn shared his impressions about the reunion of Violet and Potter and said it was beautifully moving.

But Potter cannot remember the precise day when Violet vanished. He said that it was in 2016 when he gave the cat to his daughters as a present. At that time, the family was facing a separation. All of a sudden, Violet was missing, and the girls couldn’t find it. Potter doubted that she was either taken or ran away.

Potter recalled that at that time they were confronting a lot of bad things, but they managed to pull through. Today, their lives are so changed. Violet reminded them of some suppressed memories. When his daughters, now 21 and 11 years old, found out that Violet had been recovered, their eyes filled with tears. Potter named this discovery a “blast from the past.”

He added that he would like to know where the cat had been all this time, but he is thankful that it is with them now. This is just one of those cases where you have to be grateful for what you got, according to Potter.

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