The water activities on the lakes are going to be more dangerous. It has already been announced this morning that the waves are up to seven feet high. They were measured at Grand Haven on the Lake Michigan coastline.

The conditions are hazardous for all swimmers, kayakers, people in small boats, and even for walking around the docs.

Unchanged weather and waves are expected throughout the day. The weather forecast for Thursday affirms that the wind will slow down, but that same evening and on Friday, it will pick up the pace.

That will result in the same threatening situation on Friday.

Today, the wind is expected to blow at intervals of 20mph and 30mph. On the coast of Lake Michigan, the waves will constantly be four to seven feet high.

Also, the swimmers should beware of alarmingly high waves on Lake Huron’s Thumb shores.

Do not forget that when the wind picks up, the docs along the Great Leaks turn into a dangerous place for walks. Due to the wind’s velocity, over 25mph, the water will overflow the piers with immense impact, and it could easily brush the person off into a lake.

It is of utmost importance to keep weather characteristics in mind. During the fall, there are more massive waves then you may encounter in summer even at the identical wind pace. The colder air drops down to the lake surface and causes tides to ascend.

The forecast issued by The National Weather Service is normally entirely accurate, especially in marine forecasts about the height of the waves. Nevertheless, people should be mindful that they could possibly be higher than anticipated.

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