Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera plays first base for the Tigers (Detroit) of the MLB.

In 2018, he had a fantastic career slugging percentage — the 25th-highest to date. Only “Miggy” Cabrera and Alex Rodriguez have gone down in history as being the only players who’ve gotten multiple Silver Slugger Awards. Since legendary Chicago White Sox player Frank Thomas, he was the first to get back-to-back MVPs.

But lately, his health has taken some hits. In 2014, “Miggy” had to undergo surgery to remove an osteophyte in his ankle. While under, doctors discovered he also had fractured a bone in his foot. While this explained the foot pain he’d been feeling for months, he had to alter his entire swing mechanics for the rest of that season because he just couldn’t put his weight on that foot properly without experiencing pain. Foot injuries take a notoriously long time to fully heal, but “Miggy” insisted on playing, rather than opting to rest.

Baseball Player Miguel “Miggy” CabreraTo add insult to injury, last year, he experienced a hamstring strain and had to be counted out for ten days. Later that summer, he suffered an injury to his left bicep after a swing of the bat. This was found to be a ruptured tendon, and he had to undergo surgery for it. This put him out of commission for the rest of that year.

While he did get some rest, it wasn’t enough for him to fully recuperate.

Doctors advised him not to play through pain, as his body and health would end up paying the toll later down the line. But “Miggy” refused, electing to stay in the game. That didn’t seem a prudent decision to many at the time, and this is now making itself apparent.

Earlier this week, his string of bad luck continued.

It turns out he had sustained chronic damage to his right knee after so many years in professional sports. The pain had gotten so great, he had to seek a doctor’s help again.

After thorough examinations, doctors concluded that he could be allowed to continue to play, thus avoiding knee surgery. It will, however, need to be continuously monitored for the rest of his time on the field.

“Miggy” stated that he refuses to get that surgery or any other, ever.

At 36, his drive to win isn’t dwindling even a little, despite these saddening news. His $292-million contract has been running since March 2014 and will go through to 2023. This is undoubtedly one incentive that can only spur him on to keep playing. “Miggy” also admitted he’s likely “paying the toll” for ignoring his injuries and continuing to play even when hurt.

His manager Ron Gardenhire allowed him back on the field on Tuesday. However, he will not be playing first base again and is now on the DH position. Cabrera said that he was upset for not playing his usual position but still happy to be in the team.

All “Miggy” can do right now is hope and pray his unlucky streak ends, and so can his fans.

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