Three of Aretha Franklin’s testaments have been located in her home. Before this surprising discovery, the family believed that she had not left behind anything that would insinuate what her last wishes were. Also, they maintained that she had not explained how her assets should be divided. However, the lawyers announced that they found three handwritten wills after examining her house in Detroit.

Performance Aretha FranklinFurthermore, David Bennett, the estate’s attorney, said that the two testaments were from 2010. After retrieving a key, they were able to open a locked cabinet and find them. As for the third one, it was made in 2014. Franklin hid it beneath the cushions in her living room. Admittedly, some parts were illegible, and they are still struggling to decipher them. But they believe that they highlight which assets should go to different members of the family.

What’s more, the court received all three wills this past Monday. However, the question is whether they are legally binding under the laws of the state of Michigan. The Franklin family issued a statement in which they emphasized that two of her sons would object to these testaments. The story will unfold on the 12th of June when the hearing will start.

More Troubles for the Family

According to a separate court filing, Kecalf Franklin, the late singer’s son, stated that the will from 2014 insinuated that he should be the representative of the estate. By his own admission, his mother wanted him to fulfill this wish. However, the officials at the estate maintain that Sabrina Owens has been chosen and will continue to work as their representative. She currently works at the University of Michigan.

A lawyer who represented the singer for about 30 years has also stepped forward. Namely, Don Wilson said that he had gone to great lengths in order to convince the late star to put her affairs in order. But he was not successful in his attempts. According to him, he tried to persuade her to organize her will and to establish a trust. Although she never came around to doing that, she did not seem to be against the two ideas. In the end, he said she was a person who kept to herself.

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