This preparation was anticipated a couple of years ago and was not a consequence of fatal shootings in Texas and Ohio.

On the other hand, coordinators said that they wanted to prevent any possible tragic incident that could occur in West Michigan.

Lt. Robert Kirk from the County Sheriff’s stated that it was their obligation and had to be done.

The active shooter training lasted eight hours.

Kirk said that he would prefer to have people able to react if there should be the need. Furthermore, he expressed his hope that they would never have to use it.

EMS staff, police, and firefighters were taught to act in sync in order to cease a threatening situation and liberate the sufferers within 30 seconds.

During the training, first responders moved as a group, carried 150-pound dummies that posed as shooting casualties, and issued commands.

The purpose of drills, according to Kirk, is to improve the precision of the actions needed in potentially dangerous situations.

Moreover, he stated that citizens of West Michigan had to be aware of their surroundings and situations happening around them instead of being on their phones.

Kirk said that his office planned future training sessions. They would be organized once a month.

Finally, he stated that this training would go on until everyone felt they were secure.

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