The purpose of the strike is to compel General Motors while negotiating about the contracts. On Monday, at 12 a.m., almost 50 thousand workers left their posts, causing the halt at 51 production object all across the country.

UAR officials claim that they only demand GM to rise benefit-sharing with employees and ensure the improvement of working conditions for personnel and temporary staff. On the other hand, GM authorities, stand firm that their employees are well compensated. A GM’s spokesperson said that the standard hourly work is paid $90,000 a year, without benefits, an impression that workers on strike told was ridiculous.

Martin Wood is one of GM workers that joined the strike. He is employed at the factory in Wyoming that lies at Burton St and Burlingame Ave. Wood stated that this situation is a sacrifice for everyone involved.

Further, he stated that personally, he and his family would suffer because he won’t be paid. He thinks that they took a great deal, as well as other members of the union, just to keep this strike ongoing. So they want improvement of conditions for their laborers.

According to the honking of horns of passing drivers, they have great support in the community.

Wood affirmed that means a lot to them and ultimately they want the others to understand why they have proceeded with this.

The pressure is building upon both parties, as the strike continues. On Tuesday GM stunned workers by rejecting to keep supplementing medical insurance costs. They also transferred full covering of premiums onto workers or the union while the strike lasts.

Workers are concerned about the cancelation of insurance and that they will lose their jobs when this is all over, said Wood.

At the same time, some records are showing that the company is losing some $10,000,000 per hour, which is approximately $250 million a day.

They appealed on workers who do not want to continue the strike to return to their workplaces.

Everyone that comes back will be given other “meaningful work” if it is not possible for them to do their regular jobs due to the stoppage. According to a spokesperson, some of the employees accepted that and returned.

Wood affirmed that no rational person would rather stand on the picket lines than to do their jobs, but they have to endure and turn back with a satisfactory contract.

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