The most loved by all generations, hazelnut-cocoa spread was poured onto I-94 when a semi-trailer truck flipped. The accident happened just west of the Michigan borderline on Monday night. The trailer clogged all three lines and stopped the traffic.

Chuhar Singh, the driver, reported to the Indiana State Police that he was headed west on interstate 94 through the State of Indiana. In front of him was another driver, who all of a sudden floored his brakes causing Singh to brake hard and maneuver left. He lost control over the semi, curving across all lines and finally slammed into the concrete middle divider.

Although the truck part of the vehicle jumped over the barrier into the eastbound interstate, the driver luckily remained unharmed. There were no reports about what happened with the thousands of pounds of a cherished sweet load he was shipping.

This Nutella blockage lasted about two and a half hours until the semi-truck was removed to the I-94 shoulder. According to the police report, 150 gallons of diesel fuel was lost by the truck in this accident.

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