Strange Car Accident

Police stated that two women, ages 81 and 56, were trapped in the car after Ford Escape rolled from the road into a Michigan pond. The driver was a man, 83, who was a husband and father of the casualties. He left the car in gear while he went to […]

Second Chance Granted

Kenneth Smith spent almost 30 years in prison. On January 12, 1990, he murdered Green T. Johnson in Detroit. Prosecutors of Wayne County stated that he did it to get money and drugs from the deceased. The house was known for selling cannabis. On that day, Smith, accompanied by his […]

Tlaib Says No to West Bank Visit

Finally, Tlaib was allowed to visit Israeli-occupied West Bank for humanitarian reasons — to visit her grandmother. But she decided against it because of the racist conduct of Israel Government that many Americans of Palestinian origin undergo when they try to visit, she said. Tlaib further declared that Israel Government […]

Cat Finally Returned Home

An animal control officer from Ionia County said that a Persian cat was returned to the owners in Grand Rapids after three years of separation. According to the Ionia Sentinel-Standard, Violet’s fur was heavily coated in flies, fleas, and larvae when she was discovered on August 6 in Ionia. The […]